Babacita is on a mission: To help artists uncover and turn on their brand power center.

A brand reflects the very nature of you and your craft. A brand can become the map that guides your mission and your goals. Your brand, once defined, creates a climate for opportunity and growth.

A brand is the foundation and can be the power center for any artist. A brand is powerful. It can influence growth, expand audiences, differentiate, create loyalty and more.

Babacita specializes in brand discovery, integration and influence.

We help evolve artists, individual or organization direction — with the goal of breaking down barriers to productivity, revenue growth, innovation, and success.

Email me to set up a free 20 minute consultation where we will talk about your art, your challenges and your goals during this introductory discovery session.


John Kowalski — Founder, Thought Leader

Babacita specializes in brand integration and influence, and helps evolve personal brand, artist brand or organizational direction. All with the goal of breaking down barriers to productivity, growth, innovation, and success.


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Artist Branding
You are an artist. You create.
You create with emotion, soul and depth. This passion needs to grab your audience in a fraction of a second, at a moment’s notice.
This is your Brand. The brand of you and your art.

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