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Is your team working efficiently and effectively?
Is your organization working efficiently and effectively?
What are your current connection challenges?
How large is your resource network?
How involved are you in industry associations?
How do you add value to your customers and industry?

PeaceWalker Project Certified Coach
A leadership and conflict management course that teaches the skills to not only manage conflict, but also how to live a healthier, happier, more empowered life and fulfilling career.

As a certified, Level 1 Coach of the PeaceWalker Project, Babacita uses these valuable skills to Connect organizations to work efficiently and effectively together. Whether it’s inter-company or multi-cultural, here are some of the elements the PeaceWalker instructor certification can assist with:

• Building the confidence needed to keep your cool under pressurePeaceWalker Project
• How to inspire respect and cooperation from even the most difficult people
• The six steps to inspiring cooperation and creating allies rather than enemies
• Recognizing, understanding and reversing the process that leads to conflict
• A framework on how to confidently deflect verbal attacks
• Effective listening skills – The five steps for active listening
• Understanding the critical steps to de-escalate most situations
• Creating an environment of respect and safety for yourself and others
• Know how to act and respond if verbal communications fail
• Train what to look for, how to stand and maneuver to avoid physical aggression
• Understand how to lead while inspiring a higher level of respect

As part of the Evolve Connect Inspire offering, the PeaceWalker knowledge is essential for reaching the next level of empowerment and leadership.

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