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Whether you’re a writer or musician, sculptor or performance artist your artist brand is foundational. It’s the perception of you and your art, and supersedes any performance, gallery showing or promotion. It’s the groundwork for integrating and communicating to your audience what you and your art stand for.

I’ve had the recent pleasure of working with James Libera, a Chicago-based singer and entertainer who was looking to take his business and art to the next level by increasing shows, audience following and overall awareness.

Recently we discussed the process I take with clients to discover their brand. While working with James during a Session One Discovery Session, we went through the process of creating a business and brand-building roadmap.

After defining his brand and assets of his art as a performer, we spoke about the ways to fine-tune and grow this brand going forward. These included audience touch points and marketing recommendations. You can see the full report here.

James has put the plan we created in place and is already seeing a return on his Session One investment.

Using Babacita was a simple solution to all my marketing mistakes. John worked with me personally and helped craft my brand in such a way that I can now be confident presenting what I do to a wide market. Thank you for that personal touch that truly gave you the vision to better help me. Having a long time professional marketing wiz in your corner, giving you direction and advice to market your brand seems like an artists dream come true. Well it is, and was for me. I have been consistent with your plan and have noticed a significant change in how the owners, agents and the audience have responded since using the approach you gave me. Both I and my family thank you! ~James Libera  P.S. Babacita is the BEST!!!

In your opinion, what aspects of an artist are the most contributing factors into developing and/or strengthening an artist’s brand? Would you like to see the same results as James? Contact us today to discuss our artist branding options.

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