Branding your Music

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Branding your music can cause anxiety in artists quicker than finding out your favorite stage outfit has gone missing a few minutes before a gig, but it shouldn’t and this is why.

Musicians have always been categorized, branding is no different.

It’s a way of categorizing what you are about so that you can find your ideal audience. It’s also a way for you to stand out in a crowd of other similar artists.

Take for example the “country artist” that doesn’t really tell you much about the artist except they play a traditional type of music that originated in the Southern United States. When you start breaking this down, you can categorize the music into new country vs. old country, cross-over Country Pop music (meaning it may also be popular in top 40 or mainstream Pop charts), or even rockabilly (which is the mix of rock and country or bluegrass)

I could offer similar examples to about every genre out there.

The branding process is what will make people think of you as an artist and not necessarily your genre, but it will make you stand apart from others in your genre.

So many times I see flyers that say “Country Artist so-and-so playing tonight”. It doesn’t tell me about the person and why I would want to go see that person play, if the artist had honed in on their branding I bet the poster would have read something like “The country sensation behind hits like ‘(insert name of song here)’” or maybe “Join local artist (insert name) and enjoy their amazing rockabilly styling before they head off on a national tour.”

These are pretty broad examples, but by working on your branding process with me I will help you pinpoint who your audience is and come up with a true marketing plan that will help you achieve your goals.

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