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  1. You Say You Want a Revolution?



    Warning you now, this is going to be a long one so get comfortable. Your undivided attention and action is needed. ☺

    It’s coming whether you like it or not. Recently I’ve had some absolutely incredible conversations with some amazing people and they’ve all had one consistent thread running through each of the discussions – change. It’s happening and there seems to be a restlessness just starting to make some noise.

    Not sure what exactly is spurring it on, but with my own situation, I simply had enough. Enough of holding back and not letting my true self burn through (no shining from this Babacita). Enough of not making a difference in the world. Enough of not using my connection skills to connect those who are doing good and making a difference. Enough of ignoring my true passions and self.

    Something’s happening out there because a lot of other people I’ve been talking with are sensing it as well. The status quo isn’t enough any more. People want more and they’re not sitting around waiting for it to appear – they’re making a choice to change things. Whether it’s in your family, community, region, state, and country or on an international scale it all makes a difference and is well worthwhile.

    I also see a great responsibility (kind of like Spiderman but without sticking to walls or the sweet bodysuit). A responsibility for the communicators and connectors of us to bridge these gaps and provide a conduit of this incredible energy of change.


    Part 1 – October 11, 2011

    Starting off I had some drive time and caught up with a long-time friend and Babacita supporter, Craig Gray (@ronintao) of Ronin Empowerment Group and the PeaceWalker Project. He’s doing some incredibly important work out there through this program of leadership, empowerment and conflict resolution. In today’s day and age, this is ever so critical in every walk of life. Conflict is everywhere, but it’s how we choose to respond to it that makes all the difference. He teaches the necessary methods of cross cultural conflict resolution, non-verbal & verbal communication concepts, leadership skills & life saving tactical movement strategies. And not so long ago, I had the privilege to participate in a 3-day instructor training certification so I can incorporate these techniques into my “Connect” portion of my work.

    Through efforts of Craig and like-individuals, he is making a difference and making this world a better place for all of us.

    Conflict resolution, critical for a revolution.


    Part 2 – October 14, 2011

    Last week, Eli Stafanski (@elithechef), from Business Innovation Factory, and I had coffee and talked about systems, blended value and entrepreneurship. Eli and team does this by creating real-world laboratories where organizations can design, prototype and test new models of delivering value. Specifically to enable business model and systems-level innovation in areas of high-social impact including health care, education, energy and entrepreneurship. Pretty fricken cool, huh?

    We also talked about blended value and how nothing lately of any significance fits nicely into a box. We’re all complex individuals so how can anyone expect to put a label on us. Through my personal inventory and branding exercise that I recently went through, this became real apparent to me that I am more than a marketing guy. Much more. Never thought of it that way before, but after turning the corner and hitting the gas pedal, I’m now this hybrid evolution, connection and inspiration thing. Doesn’t fit in a box, but I’ve never felt more free or more true to my self.

    Thanks Eli and BIF team for making a difference and providing an important part of this revolution that’s emerging.


    Part 3 – October 17, 2011 – Let’s Play x 2!

    A completely awesome day for me of new conversations and friends. Overwhelmed with inspiration and smiles!
    Brynne (@presenceofmagic), is full of life, magic and joy. She’s a writer of the Presence of Magic blog among other things, who, years ago, bravely stepped out of her “perfect” life to follow her heart and true passion. One of the most incredible and courageous people I know. She views the world differently than most and lives her life to the absolute fullest being completely in tune with her true self. An excerpt from her:

    “The magic of the Universe didn’t die in me the day I took that leap. It didn’t emerge to help me make a change in my life just to simply return to its hovel of silent oblivion. No, this vibrant, energy-filled quality within each and every one of us, something that begged to once again inhabit its rightful home after so many years in hiding, surprised me yet again. The more I honored it, the clearer it spoke. The more I listened, the more obvious it became that it was a vital part of me, that without it, I was not, could never be, whole. It didn’t exist for one time assists. It wanted season tickets, to become a necessary, everyday part of my whole.”

    Beautiful words. Magic isn’t dead Brynne, it’s alive and well, especially with you. And as you said in one of your posts, people need to just tweak their view a bit to see it.

    You are making a difference and on the front edge of this revolution. Keep spreading the magic.


    Justine (@premakarini) is a writer and blogger of the Premakarini blog, who has an intense focus to empower others to make a difference and the impact the world. That… and listening to a lot of Radiohead. We had an awesome talk about transparency, social evolution through social media, social consciousness, collaboration and feeling uncomfortable – stripped down to only your true self, with no worries or stresses about what society thinks. Removing all of those barriers allows us to really live and strive to reach our true potentials.

    Her words sing and inspire. She, like me, isn’t satisfied with the status quo and is doing an incredible job to change that. But that’s not enough… what’s next? How do we get to the next level. We talked about collaboration a lot. There’s a lot of us out there and again, it’s the connectors that are needed here. How do we facilitate a thought process in a systematic way? On my site, I have a section called Idea Incubator. I use this for all of those crazy ideas that just might have merit and will make a difference. A forum, but at this point, not systematic. I gotta think on that….

    Justine is also on the cutting edge of this revolution, pushing and tugging, and she isn’t going to stop. She’s just getting started.


    So, my challenge to you. What are you doing for the revolution to make a difference in this world through your relationships, connections and work? Let us know and then challenge us back on how we can all help and what you need to help accomplish those goals.

    Each of us, are far more powerful than we realize and there are an awful lot of like-minded individuals out there, you are not alone. Stand up, stand out and break the mold that we’ve all been accustomed to. Get uncomfortable, take a stand for your thoughts, opinions and ideas, and let your true self burn through!

    Let’s play!

  2. Spirit


    It’s definitely an exciting time. I’m not sure if it’s the economy, the season, cycles of the moon or the state of business today, but I sense a sort of, workplace and personal branding evolution – myself included. A calling that awakens your true being and ignites an energy to identify your true passion and purpose. That’s the journey I’ve been on for sometime now and am driving hard towards. It’s draining and exhausting, but so worth it in every way, shape and form. And I’m nearing “go time.”

    This is what I was ment to do.

    Evolve. Connect. Inspire.

    It’s me, my value, my spirit.

    A favorite song of mine, Spirit by the Waterboys

    Man gets tired
    Spirit don’t
    Man surrenders
    Spirit won’t
    Man crawls
    Spirit flies
    Spirit lives when man dies

    Man seems
    Spirit is
    Man dreams
    The spirit lives
    Man is tethered
    Spirit is free
    What spirit is man can be

  3. Me 2.0

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    Interesting comparing what I posted June 1 of this year compared to now. I’m changing!!!

    It may look like more of a mess, but to me, it’s much clearer.
    Babacita 2.0

  4. A Babacita Review, Motivation: From Goals to Greatness


    Motivation: From Goals to GreatnessThis weekend I read a great book that I highly recommend for anyone looking to better themselves. Motivation: From Goals to Greatness by Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living. This really gets at the heart of showing the authors journey but also an organized guide for those of us on the same journey (see my recent post on that). Clearly organized steps mixed with storytelling is a great way the author engages with the reader to reflect and evaluate your own purpose and motivation.

    For most of my life I have had this sense that my purpose was to “do more.” Until recently I had always wondered what that was. In reading “Goals to Greatness,” there were a couple points (in quotes) that really hit me personally:

    • “To conform or not to conform, that is the question” – Is conformity being “true” to yourself? It may be safe, secure, the “right” thing to do, etc. BUT, does this lead to your happiness?

    • “I wondered often if something was seriously wrong with me for not being able to hold on to this fleeting intangible thing called happiness when life had been so good to me” – Yep, exactly what I think and feel. Things are secure and comfy. Great family, great career, great life….. But, where is true happiness? For me…. I’m on the path and it’s coming… Clear goals, clear mission, clear direction (details are still sketchy) way to get from point A to point B. True happiness.

    • “Mental Boxes and A Quick Exercise” – About a new mindset, stepping outside boundaries, validation, reaffirmation, questions and envisioning. Incredibly moving and a great exercise. Buy the book now, even if it’s just for this section.

    • “Tapping into your true potential and aspiring for greatness is not made for weak hearts and closed minds” – Yep. Completely and absolutely agree. To make this change, you can’t be half-in/half-out. For me, it’s not even a question. I don’t have a choice. The universe is pulling me whether I like it or not. My mission is my purpose. It’s what I was meant to do and how I was destined to make an impact on this world. To change it. To make it better.

    • “22 Radical Thoughts on Motivation” – This was a reflection for me on how I am motivated and is it sustaining. Excellent list that I have posted on my tackboard in front of me.

    • “unmatched spirit for life” – reminds me of a wonderful song remake by Steve Hogarth (H) of Marillion (originally from The Waterboys). The Whole of the Moon / Spirit. Not the best quality, but powerful music, powerful words.

    • Quote from Randy Pausch, “We cannot change the cards we are dealt in life, only the way we play the hand.” – How are you playing your hand?

    • “Motivation enveloped me after I discovered a sense of purpose” – Bingo. EXACTLY what I feel in my journey. Just check out some of my recent blog posts that aren’t about marketing stuff. :)

    • “8 conditions to define and own a purpose” – Your checks and balances. The true test. Personally, I 100% am behind these with my own passion. Bring it on. Electric. Energized. Shit storm coming.

    For me this reaffirmed that I am on the right direction and not “out of my mind” in following my true purpose and passion. This book provides valuable insight for those of us struggling with meaning and purpose, career direction and motivation. A story, a guide, a life mantra.

    ~ Also, an apology to my readers. I realize the last few posts have been all about me, and that’s one of the first rules of blogging that I have been clearly breaking. But what good are rules if nobody breaks them? (Yes, I always color outside the lines). But this is an important step for me in my reinvention and definition. Once I get that rolling, it will be all about you. I’ve got endless notes, articles and blogs tagged for giving back to you through my journey and learnings. Thank you for being patient.

  5. What I Stand For & Where I’m Going


    If you’ve been reading lately, you’ll know that I’ve been taking a lot of time lately looking at who and what I am and what I stand for. Really exploring myself and taking a personal inventory.

    This is where I landed:

    A marketing and consulting professional utilizing creativity and maximizing efficiencies through systematic processes to deliver results through marketing strategy, integrated communications planning and bridging sales and marketing to grow organizations. I thrive on education, training, and mentoring to empower individuals and organizations to strive to reach their true potential with interests include creativity, international connectivity, diversity, conflict resolution and human rights.

    Seems to be 2 sides, but they are definitely coming together. This is my direction, this is my passion and this is my mission.

    Can you tell a shit storm is about to happen? Babacita Storm

    Yesterday I watched this video of Sarai’s Story, from Project: AK-47 (Thank you @AaronCohen777). It brought tears to my eyes. Seeing these children like this. Thinking about my own children (It was Hannah’s 2nd birthday yesterday). Completely robbed of their childhood and innocence. Manipulated out of their precious lives. And the more I think about it, the angrier I get. I have been a long supporter (and participant) of Amnesty International and other human services organizations and their campaigns, but a couple things lately have really struck a nerve. Child soldiers and human trafficking.

    My “Clash” post a couple days ago:
    A clash between creativity, passion and journey vs. rationale, logical thinking and the status quo.

    Wonder who’s going to win?

    Yeah, those of you who know me know where I was headed.
    Tying this all back to my mission above, I have also been working with a friend of mine, Craig Gray of Ronin Empowerment Group, on his PeaceWalker Project (still in development), a series of conflict resolution offerings. I’m scheduled to be trained as a certified instructor later this summer (It’s Go Time!). Through this, through my marketing, communication and International business skills, I will help make a difference in this world.

    This is an inspirational post. One of my personal awakening and journey, and one of hope for us all. We can help. We can make a difference. If you do one thing, it helps. If you do two things it helps more. Donate, join a campaign, spread this messaging to your contacts. It all counts and we can make a difference.

    Stay tuned…. More shit storm coming.

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