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  1. What are your brand power points?


    During my career, which includes a spectrum of roles: marketing strategist and creative director, corporate communications counselor, sales strategist and trainer… my interest in ethics has always been front and center. But over the years I’ve learned that simple ethics aren’t enough. Not enough for business. Not enough for me, personally. Not enough for the world. We can do better.

    We operate by a set of core values at Babacita.

    • Service
    • Compassion
    • Organization
    • Accomplishment

    It’s these values I use as my own touch and power points to help individuals, departments and organizations Evolve. Connect. Inspire.

    What are your brand power points?

  2. Connecting to Barce, Europe and Beyond


    In Catalan, the official language of Barcelona…
    ¡Barce! ¡Barce! La multitud rugeix per al Futbol Club Barcelona.
    Gran soroll, I’esperit d’equip amb vida.

    Barce! Barce! The roar for Futbol Club Barcelona.
    Big noise, team spirit alive.

    I have never heard such a noise. 120,000+ fans cheering on FC Barcelona vs. Atletico De Madrid. The spirit of the team, the spirit of Barcelona, one focal point. The match.

    Here I was, an American in a foreign land, speaking little of the language, but taken in and accepted. I sensed even appreciated for experiencing their stadium and their team with them. Though there were language barriers there was absolutely no challenge communicating.

    One of the things I most enjoy about international work is the constant learning about language, culture and people. The many questions I was asking my European colleagues, they were just as interested in learning about my world. Similarities and differences. Work and home. Children and family. And of course laughter. “We think everything is big in America.” I clarified that it was just in Texas. :) The food and tapas are incredible, and I am told that a future dinner of paella will be so exquisite, that it will bring tears to my eyes.

    The work challenges are similar to America, but with added complexities of many countries, languages and cultures. So in my evaluation of process and sales/marketing workflow I have to take into account all of these items to first determine if the challenges are first, simply cultural, then second inefficiencies in the process and current systems. Then I can recommend and institute change to help evolve to the next level. The basic situation – an American company, empowering an EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) headquarters that executes regional marketing programs. The needs in the UK and Northern Europe are vastly different than Eastern Europe and Southern Europe. And as an example, Southern Europe – the needs of Spain/Portugal, Italy and France are different from each other and need varying degrees of localization. All of this that links back to a corporate strategy, that supports a global marketing strategy which, then, ties to regional sales goals.

    And now with the growth in Greater China, India and SE Asia the world is quickly becoming much smaller and not only the need to just survive in this economy, but the need to not only learn, but to be proficient in helping evolve, connect and inspire is extremely critical. Acceptance and openness is the key. Different isn’t wrong, it’s just different. Through continually learning we can all be more successful.

    I have a few more days here and then I travel to Zurich for 3 days, and then home.

    I’ll be sure to take photos (and bring extra tissues) of the paella that will bring tears.

    Oh, and Barcelona won the match (keep practicing Madrid) and I have become a better person and am now better connected with Barce, Europe and beyond.

    Moltes gràcies, Barce.

  3. Connecting the Dots

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    Marketing fusion driving empowerment and change through organizational evolution, connection and inspiration to enable you to reaching your true potential. Meaningful and with a purpose.

    I can help Evolve Connect Inspire in the following ways…

    Babacita can assess your sales, marketing, training, resource, education and customer relationships and then plan and execute phased improvements that enable you to meet your strategic objectives.

    Babacita will help bridge the gaps that often exist between sales and marketing teams to improve the effectiveness of this critical function within the organization.

    Human Resources
    Babacita can suggest ways to improve morale and encourage a sense of ownership by employees in the overall performance of the company — hopefully to create ambassadors who have a genuine appreciation for the organization.

    Babacita can evaluate your organization’s current offerings in training and mentoring employees, with an eye to develop ways for them to reach their highest potential both professionally and personally.

    On the condition that you LOVE working with me, Babacita can assist you in your efforts of change, empowerment and improvement through our unique skill-set and offering by referrals to increase your client value, resource network and connectivity.

    Let’s play!

  4. Personal Brand – What’s Your Brand?


    It seems I’ve been quiet here lately but as you know, lots of things turning in my world. I’ve spent the past week really examining my brand, what I stand for, my core values and then how does that translate to value. Quite an exhausting exercise, but totally rewarding and worth the time spend.

    Invest in your future. Time, energy, thoughts, ideas.

    One part of my exercise was developing a mind map of Babacita with all the hard questions – How? What? To? With? Will? And then how they each relate and support my core values that I’ve identified (with the help of an exceptional coach).

    When’s the last time you’ve evaluated your personal brand?

    On the corporate marketing side, this is really a branding exercise – does your brand support who you are today and lead you into who you want to be tomorrow? Identifying brand assets, characteristics and ultimately your brand promise, or value, is absolutely necessary. It’s a foundation that all customer and employee touchpoints or interactions can be built upon. Does the receptionist answering the phone communicate the same brand as an installer? What about your packaging and marketing? Once a brand is established and training has occurred (your brand will never move forward without acceptance and champions within your organization), you can then review all of these customer touchpoints to get everything aligned. This consistency is key for brand strengthening and moving it forward.

    That same corporate marketing methodology can be utilized to evaluate and develop your personal brand – what you stand for and where you’re going.

  5. B2B Industrial Mktg – Where to Start?

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    B2B industrial marketing, babacitaYesterday I was in my local coffee shop and bumped into an owner of a 40-year-old specialized tooling and services company who, like most small industrial manufacturer’s pay little attention to marketing. In our discussion, I talked about the importance of a couple things that could be developed in tandem, then coming together – a strategic plan and a defined brand.

    For the strategic plan, I stressed the importance of evaluating where you are and then figuring out where you want to be in 5 or 10 years and then, simply filling in the blanks – how are you going to get there and what are the milestones to shoot for? On the marketing side, it’s important to identify your core assets and then define your brand. And then from there, develop concrete messaging, value propositions (for the markets you’re in) and then train at all of the customer touchpoints. In doing this you’ll maintain consistency across the board.

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