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  1. Grime Studios Relocation


    Grime Studios

    Will you support Grime Studios, and the music community of Portland, Maine?

    Our story.

    We’re raising funds to complete the phase one build-out of our new facility located at 299 Presumpscot Street in Portland, Maine. Thompson’s Point, the present location of Grime, is being redeveloped and is no longer available for our studio.

    Summary zud3_big

    Grime Studios is a Portland, Maine-based non-profit specializing in leasing studio space to the creative arts, primarily musicians. It’s the only large-scale business of its kind with:

    • 24-hour access
    • free of noise complaints
    • the most competitive rates in the greater Portland area and north of Boston

    In a city like Portland, with its vibrant music and arts scene, an expanded Grime Studios will contribute significantly to cultural fabric of the city.

    Grime Studios Video Portland, Maine

    With 8,000 square feet of vacant warehouse and a newly lease signed, 299 Presumpscot Street is the new home for Grime Studios.

    Based on architectural drawings, nearly 30 studios can be installed and will fit inside the space with relatively simple construction. It provides the potential for the business to expand to meet the unmet demand for musician rehearsal space in the area, for touring musicians, and additional studio space options to the creative community of Portland.

    Grime Studios is a 501(c)3 organization so all donations are tax-deductible. Email for more details, business plan information or visit to view our phase 2 crowdsourcing efforts.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    John & the Grime Studios team


  2. The legacy you leave when you’re gone.


    It sounds so morbid to think of your legacy after you’re gone, BUT for artists, writers and musicians the truth of the matter is many become famous after their lifetimes.

    Some of the greatest inspirations in history weren’t fortunate to live in a time where social media and being able to connect with people from around the world was even a thought.

    Think about:

    Henry David Thoreau – only published two books before he died and is now hailed as one of the most important American writers of his time.

    Van Gogh – we’ve all heard the stories of the crazy artist and how his nearly 2,000 paintings weren’t discovered until after his death. The originals are now worth millions and are massed produced as prints on everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs.

    Or more recently:

    Sublime – did you know they disbanded (because of the death of their lead singer) two months BEFORE their major label debut? That album has gone on to sell more than six million copies.

    We can’t be immortal, but as a creative person your life’s work will live on after your gone, wouldn’t you like to be able to help form how that impression will be shown?

    By understanding how people view you today, through your branding efforts, you have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy for the world to see.

    Things to think about:

    • Are you proud of your current work?
    • Are you proud of who you are as a person?
    • Have you put a project on the back burner that calls to you because someone (or maybe that little voice in your head) said it wasn’t good enough?

    Here’s a little exercise to get your creative juices rolling.

    Take out a sheet of paper, your smartphone, your laptop whatever works, make three columns on the document in front of you.

    • In column one: Write down the top 10 words you would use to describe your art
    • In column two: Write down the top 10 words you would use to describe yourself
    • In column three: Write down the top 10 words you would want to be remembered by (even if they don’t apply yet).

    Now set this aside and pick 5 people you trust and ask them. How would you describe me & my art?  Ask them to be honest with you. Once you’ve gathered these lists. Go back to your original and circle any words that overlapped between your lists and theirs. These are the items you have nailed! Congrats! The items that you didn’t circle are the items you should be focusing on developing.

    AND remember, the time you spend on the branding process will pay off in the long run!

  3. Branding your Music

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    Branding your music can cause anxiety in artists quicker than finding out your favorite stage outfit has gone missing a few minutes before a gig, but it shouldn’t and this is why.

    Musicians have always been categorized, branding is no different.

    It’s a way of categorizing what you are about so that you can find your ideal audience. It’s also a way for you to stand out in a crowd of other similar artists.

    Take for example the “country artist” that doesn’t really tell you much about the artist except they play a traditional type of music that originated in the Southern United States. When you start breaking this down, you can categorize the music into new country vs. old country, cross-over Country Pop music (meaning it may also be popular in top 40 or mainstream Pop charts), or even rockabilly (which is the mix of rock and country or bluegrass)

    I could offer similar examples to about every genre out there.

    The branding process is what will make people think of you as an artist and not necessarily your genre, but it will make you stand apart from others in your genre.

    So many times I see flyers that say “Country Artist so-and-so playing tonight”. It doesn’t tell me about the person and why I would want to go see that person play, if the artist had honed in on their branding I bet the poster would have read something like “The country sensation behind hits like ‘(insert name of song here)’” or maybe “Join local artist (insert name) and enjoy their amazing rockabilly styling before they head off on a national tour.”

    These are pretty broad examples, but by working on your branding process with me I will help you pinpoint who your audience is and come up with a true marketing plan that will help you achieve your goals.

  4. 6 Definitions You MUST have for your Brand


    We’ve all heard about the five W’s of research. These are the MUST have’s for any information gathering or discovery process. Great storytellers use them, scientists use them, and even police departments use them.

    In order to truly define your brand, you should approach the process the same way a scientist would answer a question or a police office would conduct an investigation. This process should be time consuming. It shouldn’t be a feat accomplished in one session.

    The time you spend on brand discovery is an investment in you and your art’s future.

    So what are the five W’s?

    1. Who
    2. What
    3. Why
    4. Where
    5. When
    6. How

    When defining these for your Art focus on who your audience is, what they like, why they would follow you, where they are, when you will interact with them, and how this interaction takes place.

    Who is demographics; are they male or female (a mix of both?), what age group are they in? Do they speak other languages? If it is a demographic, chart it. Compare your current audience to your desired audience.

    What should include what you are offering; what need are you fulfilling for your audience? Are you creating a painting that adds beauty to their life, or a song that makes them smile and turn a bad day around? What about a book that inspires and takes them away to a fantasy world for a few hours?

    Where should encompass their physical location, where they vacation, where they hang out online, wherever you will find your customers. Include all physical and virtual locations.

    When is a little harder to define. Will you interact with them at an in-person event, or will they discover you through a friend. Where can they reach you? Where can you reach them?

    Why should contain all the reasons your audience wants to follow you. What benefit does your brand give them?

    How is what sets you apart from others in your trade. How often do you interact with your audience, how is it going to be different from other artists?

    Remember: Your brand is a perception or a feeling that speaks to your audience’s emotions. It’s what you stand for and what your art represents. Your brand is the foundation of any relationship with your current or future audience.

    For more information check out my guest blog on Symphonic Distribution for the whole process I take when working with artists to define their brand. 

  5. Upcoming Babacita Endorsed Events

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    Some great events coming up that you won’t want to miss:

    Jack Hoban Seminar
    Sat. Aug. 25th, 2012, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Ronin Martial Arts is proud to bring in Jack Hoban for a great day of martial arts and tactical training. Jack is not only a 10th degree black belt Shidoshi Senior Instructor in the Bujinkan Budo Taijustu and Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu system under Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan, he was also a student of the late Robert Humphrey, a noted conflict resolution specialist for the State Department during the Cold War. Jack assisted in the creation of the US Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) & remains subject expert (SME) for the program. Jack’s approach to teaching martial arts in context of universal human values is unique in the U.S. He has three published books & four videos on martial arts and has written numerous articles for international magazines, as well as law enforcement and military periodicals. He is a highly sought after defensive tactics instructor in many countries throughout the world. Countless civilian, law enforcement and military personnel have benefited from his instruction.

    This seminar will focus on defensive tactics, warriorship, & protecting others. We will address numerous types of unarmed and armed situations. This isn’t sport fighting! You’ll learn combative concepts and tactical maneuvering. You’ll hear inspiring stories. You’ll feel connected to something larger than yourself as you activate the Ethical Warrior inside each of us.


    October 16-20, 2012, Lebanon, Missouri

    The purpose of BluCamp is to take top executives through a transformational leadership journey that combines experiential learning with a cutting-edge curriculum in organizational democracy and freedom-centered leadership.

    Residing together on a beautiful 800-acre campus, BluCamp participants will leave behind predictable ballroom seminars and stuffy lecture halls to immerse themselves in an unforgettable high-impact adventure experience that equips them with the democratic leadership acumen, interpersonal skills, cutting-edge tools, freedom-centered mind-set and overall confidence needed to successfully build and grow their own democratic workplaces.

    While pursuing experiential learning with other high-caliber executives from around the world, participants will be inspired by diverse cultures and new friendships that define the BluCamp experience.

    More information

    WorldBlu LIVE
    May 15–16, 2013, Denver, Colorado

    WorldBlu LIVE 2013 is the world’s premier gathering on freedom in the workplace. It is designed for individuals and organizations who recognize the power of freedom and democracy as a leading tool for boosting the bottom-line, promoting innovation, attracting top talent and inspiring full engagement.

    More than just a conference, WorldBlu LIVE is an experience that combines a showcase for democratic innovation, a platform for rule-breakers, and an audience of revolutionaries. This is all wrapped in a unique, stylized environment that will leave you inspired, full of fresh ideas, and connected with a world-class community of leaders.

    More information

    Let me know if you have questions on any of the above. Also, in the works is a Babacita/PeaceWalker Project workshop… stay tuned for details.

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