Doing Good

To support the Babacita mission of Evolve Connect Inspire – marketing fusion, driving empowerment and change, and core values of service, compassion, organize and accomplish, 10% of all Babacita fees will go to an organization near and dear to your heart or one of the Babacita supported organizations:

Amnesty International – Protecting human rights worldwide
Kiva – Connecting people through lending to alleviate poverty
Livestrong – The Lance Armstrong Foundation unites, inspires and empowers people affected by cancer
Love146 – Raises awareness and resources to combat child sex trafficking
One – Committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable diseases

Also, the following criteria have been put in place, and need to be met, for Babacita service acceptance:
• Mission/value statement includes mention of community/regional/global positive impact
• Dedication to community/regional/global service through time, resources, products or services in excess dollar value of $2,500 (adjusted based on size of organization)

If you do not meet the above criteria, Babacita service acceptance will be issued upon verification of:
• A donation of $100 (individual), $500 (under 50 employees) or $1,000 (over 50 employees) must be made to (choice of above organization)

All client project/Babacita revenue, which are donated, will be publicized on and Babacita social media networks. This will raise awareness for you, the client (including mission/value statement and website address), as well as the service organization.

Thank you for supporting this important mission, we are making a difference.

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