Evolve Connect Inspire

Marketing fusion driving empowerment and change through organizational evolution, connection and inspiration to enable you to reach your true potential. Meaningful and with a purpose.

Evolve Connect Inspire

Each Evolve Connect Inspire package will contain these core elements, and sub-segmented into audit, evaluate, recommend, development and deploy functions. These will be weighted accordingly as the client situation warrants, taking into account the organization, people structure, challenges and goals. Delivered through a combination of virtual and on-location services and workshops, Babacita can take you, your department or organization from point A to point B, through a strategic and systematic process.

Babacita is a proven leader in understanding dynamics, change and efficiencies, utilizing proven processes and a core that includes:

• Marketing fusion – Fusing marketing principles and best practices with other, significant change disciplines
• Empowerment – Increasing individual or organizational strength through inspiration, respect, confidence and choice
• Change – Altering the current path towards achieving a greater goal
• Evolution – The steps taken towards true change and the growth that happens along the way
• Connections – Developing relationships with key individuals and organizations to support change
• Inspiration – An incentive that awakens and instills a desire to be open to change
• Meaningful purpose – Making a positive impact on humanity and human service organizations

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Evolve Connect Inspire Packages
• 1 Month
• 3 Months
• 6 Months
• 12 Months

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Evolution Guide

I found my Self. What makes me tick… what turns me on… how I can help others… I refreshed my business around these values… around me. Evolve, Connect, Inspire. That makes up everything I am. Through this I’ve learned to turn off my mind and turn on my heart. And as a result of this evolution I’m now leading with my heart through all aspects of my life.

Let share with you, in absolute transparency, my journey of evolution. I will walk you through the steps I took.

• The techniques and methods I used to define and identify my core values
• Discussions to nourish and feed those values
• How communicate them to yourself and others
• How to apply those values in everything you do, personally and professionally

My results
• New perspective on everything
• New connections and relationships
• New opportunities
• Increased focus and creativity
• Making a difference

For additional information on my journey, see a recent article I wrote for Evolving Beings.

Let me share my evolution with you and guide your heart-centered evolution.

Evolution Guide Services
• Customized program

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Training & Speaking

I am also available to Evolve Connect Inspire your organization, department or team through custom trainings, workshops and speaking engagements. Content will contain the core Babacita message and actionable guides and tactics and will be tailored to the audience, setting, current situation and goals.

• ½ Day (4 hours)
• Full Day (8 hours)

• Keynote
• Keynote supporting
• Other

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PeaceWalker Project Leadership & Conflict Resolution

As a certified, Level 1 Coach of the PeaceWalker Project, I can help facilitate this leadership and conflict management course that teaches the skills to not only manage conflict, but also how to live a healthier, happier, more empowered life and fulfilling career.

PeaceWalker Project Seminars
• 1 Day user training
• 3 Day instructor training

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WorldBlu Blu100 Certified Consultant

As a certified consultant, I can help measure and facilitate organizational design through the WorldBlu Scorecard,

High levels of innovation, accountability, and transparency characterize democratic organizations and are a hallmark of their competitive advantage. The WorldBlu Democratic Workplace Scorecard™ is a unique assessment tool that measures the level of organizational democracy in your workplace by surveying the perceptions of your employees and executives. It is the only assessment tool of its kind in the world, and is essential either for organizations ready to start using organizational democracy or for democratic workplaces seeking to maximize the results of their current democratic organizational system.

The results of the WorldBlu Scorecard enable workplace designers to more effectively partner with an organization’s leadership team to design and implement a democratic organizational system tailored to the organization’s environment and business goals.

Additional information.

WorldBlu Blu100 Offering
• WorldBlu Scorecard – Measuring Freedom at Work

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