Idea Incubator

One of my blessings is a constant stream of ideas filtering in and out. I typically let them percolate for a while to see if anything rises to the top. Below here is an incubator of those ideas that are active or in the planning stages. Each of these support my mission:

Service, compassion, organization and accomplishment.

Marketing fusion driving empowerment and change through organizational evolution, connection and inspiration to enable you to reach your true potential.

Meaningful and with a purpose.

Please contact me if you know of any organization out there doing something similar so I can lend my support, or if you’re interested in funding (partial or full) any of these ideas.

Human Trafficking Service Map
With so many organizations out there doing the right thing in fighting Human Trafficking, what if we linked them all together? With everyone competing for the same funding and with varying levels of services and focus areas, why not create connections for working together, since the end goal is a common mission?

I envision a website, that’s database driven, where service organizations can input their service specifics, geographical areas of concentration and contact information. In doing this, we create a visual reference of what areas are being served and where the gaps are. This can have an overlay of the US Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report 2010 Country Narratives and Watch List.

What are your thoughts? We can make a difference.

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