PeaceWalker Project

A leadership and conflict management course that teaches the skills PeaceWalker Projectto not only manage conflict, but also how to live a healthier, happier, more empowered life and fulfilling career.

As a certified, Level 1 Instructor of the PeaceWalker Project, Babacita uses these valuable skills to Connect organizations to work efficiently and effectively together. Whether it’s intercompany or multi-cultural, here are some of the elements the PeaceWalker instructor certification can assist with:

• Building the confidence needed to keep your cool under pressure
• How to inspire respect and cooperation from even the most difficult people
• The six steps to inspiring cooperation and creating allies rather than enemies
• Recognizing, understanding and reversing the process that leads to conflict
• A framework on how to confidently deflect verbal attacks
• Effective listening skills – The five steps for active listening
• Understanding the critical steps to de-escalate most situations
• Creating an environment of respect and safety for yourself and others
• Know how to act and respond if verbal communications fail
• Train what to look for, how to stand and maneuver to avoid physical aggression
• Understand how to lead while inspiring a higher level of respect

As part of the Evolve Connect Inspire offering, the PeaceWalker knowledge is essential for reaching the next level of empowerment and leadership.

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