Products & Tools


A collection of Babacita products aimed at evolving, connection and inpsiring.

Evolution Guide Workbook[br]

A 10-page workbook to my evolution workshop that provides a systematic approach to discovering and articulating one’s core values.


Train to the Moon[br]

In softcover format, Train to the Moon is a short story told from a place in my heart, that I never knew existed. It’s a love story of soul connections taking a nightly train to the moon. Fueled by their love glow, the world is a better place.



Stuff that helps me do what I do and makes Babacita headquarters run as a well-oiled, marketing fusion machine.

Evernote – A great program that helps capture, organize and search for information.

Wunderlist – My preferred “To Do” list app, great organization and sorting functionality.

Dropbox – Great “cloud” system for storing docs that you may need in the office or on the road.

• Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.0
– Dictation software that helps me capture ideas, thoughts and random notes, that can be emailed to myself, posted to Twitter, etc.

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