Work with Babacita to develop and present your best brand presence

A brand reflects the very nature of an individual or organization. A brand can become the map that guides your mission, culture, and goals. The brand, once defined, creates an excellent climate for opportunity. At Babacita, we believe that understanding and capitalizing on the power points of a brand can be the crucial difference between stagnating and thriving.

Brand power points are filled with opportunity. Power points might be people, departments, and strategies, lost leader products, markets, systems, or values. They may be shining examples of opportunity. Or maybe not. Babacita helps clients mine these power points, and then develops evolutionary leadership, operating, and marketing strategies to holistically influence entire organizations or an individual. New company leadership. Mergers. Vendor contract reviews. New product launches. An organization’s response during times of change or crisis sends waves of information and insight into the work environment and marketplace. Do you know if your organization is going to shine during these times?

Babacita can help…

  • Uncover the strategic force of your or your organization
  • Develop the creative edge of your brand
  • Connect vision and mission with internal systems
  • Translate brand experiences enterprise-wide
  • Transform sales and marketing systems


Marketing Communications program planning

  • Global sales and marketing strategy
  • Dealer programs
  • Marketing plans
  • Product launch plans
  • Employee communications
  • Sales and marketing audits
  • Sales and presentation tools
  • Dealer marketing tools
  • Sales training programs
  • Sales forecasting reporting instruments

Selling to high-profile customers and prospects

  • Developing proposals that influence perceptions, negotiations, and sales outcomes
  • Strategies and sales/marketing plans for entering new customer segments and geographic markets

Leading for and during change

  • Merger strategies and plans for blending company cultures and brands
  • Recruiting and nurturing game-changing employees
  • Drawing on your enterprise team to change your company vision and culture for the better
  • Recruiting and nurturing game-changing employees
  • Interpersonal and corporate communications

Making the shift from low-impact marketing to branded enterprise marketing

  • Babacita assesses sales, marketing, training, resource, education and customer relationships and then plan and execute phased improvements tied directly to your business goals and strategic objectives.
  • Culture-shape or change is intrinsic to Babacita counsel, tools and processes. We help lay the groundwork to define, shape or re-invigorate company values and culture with the goal of breaking down barriers to better sales outcomes, interpersonal relationships, and interdepartmental productivity.
  • We engage people and teams in the transformation process.

Corporate Brand

Our approach and creative work can bridge gaps that often exist between sales and marketing teams, improving the effectiveness of these critical functions within the organization.

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