Train to the Moon


Told from a place in my heart, that I never knew existed. It’s a love story of soul connections taking a nightly train to the moon. Fueled by their love glow, the world is a better place.

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Recent Comments

“I love it, it’s a story for all ages and it all comes back to Love…I think it is brilliant! Everyone should have a copy of your book John, it just brings a person back to reality!”

“A beautiful read, I wasn’t sure where the author was going. The artwork is exquisite and I think the curiosity keeps you going, even if you said “only a few pages.” Very well-done and I think it can be a great children’s book as well as a quick read with a message of spirituality. Well-done John Kowalski!”

“Train to the Moon” is a short, colourful read so very beautifully written! Filled with wonderful illustrations, imagery and typography, John Kowalski did a fantastic job portraying a story of personal evolution from a 6 year old child. Written with heart and meaning, Train the Moon is a simple yet profound read!”

“It’s really, really sweet. I love it!”

“I snuggled with my “kids” this morning & read it in bed. My favorite line: “Their love glow spreads magic, comfort and happiness in all they touch.”

“I AM IMPRESSED. Beautiful story. Interesting presentation of the words. It seems like a good book to read to a kid, but an adult message, and sort of inspirational. What ever. IT IS REALLY GOOD.”

“…by the way, the book is definitely ‘best seller’ material”

“Read your book, and it made me cry. How very sweet!”

“Great book John… Love the young innocence!”

“I think your book is amazing! You have the gift of using words to create images. The story and design work perfectly together.”

“I received this book as part of First Reads promotion, and it is one that I would recommend for children and adults alike. It is written on a level that children will comprehend, but carries a spiritual message that an adult audience will find meaningful as well.”

“This isn’t just a children’s book, it’s a book for anyone who still believes in magic. It’s not a long book, but the message is one of love that all ages can relate to. Do you still believe in magic?”

“Such a nice story, beautifully written. And it all comes down to one huge part of everyone’s lives: love. I loved it!”

“I absolutely love it!! I am going to read it many many times. I most definitely believe in magic, destiny…”

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