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I just completed WorldBlu’s Blu100 certification in St. Louis and if I wasn’t overwhelmed already, this took it to a whole new level. The flood of ideas, the crackling energy through my body and the permanent smile on my face…. simply amazing! Getting to the root of this thing of WorldBlu in all of it’s complexity is also quite simple. So translated in Babacita terms…. Freedom. Empowerment. Unleashing potential.

Through the WorldBlu 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy:

1. Purpose and Vision
2. Transparency
3. Dialogue + Listening
4. Fairness + Dignity
5. Accountability
6. Individual + Collective
7. Choice
8. Integrity
9. Decentralization
10. Reflection + Evaluation

This is some extremely powerful shit. Think about it. What do those principles mean to you at your workplace? Now, how does your workplace affect your personal life? Community? Speaking from personal experience in a corporate position I can honestly say I used about 10% of my potential. Why? They wouldn’t allow me to expand that. Kept in a box with direct mandates. No room for creativity, innovation or inspiration. An organization based on bullying, fear and self-worth destruction. So even IF I were given free reign to widen my box, why would I? I’m worth more than that.

Imagine….. your own organization. What % of people are truly dedicated, challenged and inspired to push the limits and their potential? With the WorldBlu love, what would happen to an organization was able to double that %? What would happen if I took my 10% potential and made it 20%? What if everyone did that? Big changes right? These are little steps, but they’re truly critical for individuals as well as organizations. Wouldn’t you like to see people completely strive! In opening the “box” and letting people do what they do the results can be amazing on so many levels. Collaboration, innovation, creativity, efficiencies and waste reduction, flexibility and (for you numbers people) the bottom line. Why wouldn’t you start looking at this? Couple reasons could be fear of change and fear of loss of control. It is a big step and a different way of thinking, but I tell you my friends. This is the future. The days of command and control hierarchical leadership are history. People want more. Just recently I wrote about a silent revolution that’s going on. And the more transparent I’ve become and the more connections I’m making, there are a lot more of us than you think. And this movement is getting stronger and stronger. Bottom line – people want more out of their lives. You can’t fit a person in a “box.” I am everywhere BUT in a “box” and I suspect you are too. People are searching for meaning and purpose and guess what? They’re finding it or on a path driving hard to finding it. If you’ve been following my story you’ll know (email me if you wanna chat about it… I could go on for hours).

So tying this all back. This past summer I became a certified instructor of the PeaceWalker Project Conflict Resolution seminar that aligns and augments Babacita and my offering. And now, the important mission of WorldBlu also aligns precisely with Babacita and all that I am. In talking with Traci Fenton (she’s absolutely brilliant by the way), Founder and CEO of WorldBlu, this week, I told her that I have been silently stalking her for years and have supported their mission and all that they are about. So now it’s a pretty scary time. Not scary for me, scary for the world. The shit storm is about to erupt and I am on the cutting edge of this revolution of change and empowerment and freedom. And if you know me personally you know that being on the cutting edge isn’t quite enough and that I have no problem driving this movement (strangely, this song comes to mind and seems about right).

Join me.

Lead with me. Follow me. Watch me. -Don’t even think about getting in my way.

We can make a difference and the time is now to spread the love.

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